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What We Do

Your piece of Art

Your Bike is a piece of ART…

You’ve spent hours tinkering, cleaning, customising and riding your motorbike.  You’ve invested a lot of your hard-earned cash in making your baby beautiful and ride as good as it looks.  It is more than just a means of transportation, it’s a passion, a lifestyle. While others buy cars, watches, paintings or other toys, you’ve chosen motorbikes. YOUR Motorbike is your Mona-lisa, your piece of ART.  Why not treat it as such?

… why not treat it like one?

Let us transform your piece of Art into one you can hang in your living room, bedroom, man room or shed. Something you can put in your office desk or wallet.  Something you can show-off online or on your mobile phone or tablet. We capture your piece of art so you can show it off, admire it and pass it on.

Motorbike Photography

1We photograph your motorbike in studio, capturing different details and angles. We look at the different customisation and features of your bike because EVERY bike is UNIQUE.

Among the things we can photograph includes:

        • Commercial and Fine art quality  Motorbike Studio Photography.
        • Profile and Angled photos of your motorbike.
        • Detail shots of options and customisation.
        • You with your bike:
        • A portrait of you with or on your bike.
        • You and your partner or just your partner with or on your bike.
        • A specific person you want on your bike.
        • Fashion/Glamour model with or on  your bike (Ask about this additional service)

2 We deliver your images in the format that suits you. From digital copies, prints, framed prints to fine art Canvas in different sizes, we provide the best quality to match your needs. Check our current Packages and offerings..

Our current options include:

  • Web-optimised digital copies- Ideal for socialmedia, digital picture frames, desktop wall papers, cellphone and tablet viewing.
  • Prints- Archival quality prints that will last.
  • Framed prints- Matted and framed prints. No fuss and ready to hang. These framed prints are done to archival standards guaranteeing a long display life.
  • Fine art Canvas prints- Prints of stretched fine art canvas. These images are UV sealed and ready to hang.  A very impressive way to show of your motorbike.