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7th Japanese Bike Show Event Photos

Ah, technical issues. The site can’t handle too many images in one gallery so I’m cutting the gallery into two posts. Here are the event shots with a few bike shots.On March 23, 2014 was the 7th Japanese Bike Show. It was held in Whistlers Chocolate Factory in Swan Valley. It was my first boothing in such a show under the MTP Motorbikes Brand, and I must say, it was a really good day.
I arrived at 8:00am sharp expecting the worst in weather, specially with the rainy forecast for the weekend and thunderstorms the night before. To my great pleasure, and to everyone else’s (I’m sure), it was a perfect sunny and cool start. My partner Meagan and myself were greeted by the organisers Mike and Mark who did an awesome job getting everyone in line. (Congrats again on a job well done guys!).
We were given a corner spot to setup our booth, and we went straight into putting up our gazebo. About that Gazebo, I was both luck and unlucky to have bought that particular one. I saw it in gumtree for 35$ new. I thought to myself, “What a steal”. Upon putting it up, I realised I do get what I pay for. The thing felt like it was about to fly off with the wind.
Enough about that.
We setup, put up our prints and waited for the day to pick-up.
10:00 am came and I was given free reign to shoot each and every bike as a record of all those who showed off their bikes. With a few spacing issues between bikes to frame shots uniformly, having to squat down and get up errr… a “few” times, and the heat starting climb. It was a good effort! I got every bike there at that time. Got a few stragglers walking around my backgrounds, but hey, all good right?
At this point I got to appreciate all the bikes that were there. We had all sorts of bikes, cruisers, sport bikes, Cafe Racers, track bikes, dirt bikes, monkey bikes and many many many more in between. Of course, every make and model was well represented. From Hondas, Suzis and Kawasakis, the list goes on.
I realised, there must be a higher being out there, to have organised so much mechanical awesomeness.
As mid-day came people really started to pour in. The parking lot started filling up with just as many (or maybe even more) bikes as that was in the show. I ran into a few people I know and made a few new friends as well. We had a few stragglers from other non japbike clubs pop-in to share in the action.
By 2:00pm pm awards and prizes were announced (details to come soon where i get the details).
And as quick as things started the show came to an end. All in all a great day! And if there is anything I truly got out of being in the show, I realised, It doesn’t matter what make, model or type your bike is, its about coming together and enjoying, showing-off and celebrating all things two wheels and mechanically awesome.

Here are the event photos from the day. There will be another post with the bike photos from the day. There is just way too many images for one gallery.

For downloadable copies you can go here: